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Beyond Penn's Treaty

Henry Simmons letterbooks, Vol. 1 1797

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Catherine Nawkowwisquok
Catherine Quinney
Catherine Kuwhawsquok
Catherine Quauquackmet
Jenny Andrew
Ester Littleman
Mary Taukonnomeen
Mary Holmes
Margaret Quinney
Hannah Seepnommow
New Stockbridg
6mo 24th 1797
Directed to Hannah Eddy New Stockbridg 6mo 25th 1797

Dear Sisters,
I can thank you for sparing your Dear
Husbands, what time you heard a child is born
in the wilderness? can you believe it? can thee say
no or yes? to me it so, because we Indians like a
Child it appears, because this several days and
years has been with us much good people, come
visited us almost around us, I believe they all heard
a news, a child is born in the wilderness, but thro’
the great Spirit guides them all, I think I believe
you one good Woman which chosen good part