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Beyond Penn's Treaty

Henry Simmons letterbooks, Vol. 1 1797

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promote the peace and happiness of our old Men
Women; young Men, young Women & Children
both for their Temporal and Souls concerns;
Brother, I will also inform thee, that a number
of our people have of late felt the power of the good
Spirit who have never truly concern for their
poor immortal Souls, are now very serious
among them there is one old Widow Woman in
particular, who has been grossly wicked all
her Days, She is upwards than Seventy years
of age; She is now Crying after Jesus, whom she
told me, She love from her Heart; and that She
does pour out her Heart prayers every day & night
to whom she told me She will follow let consequence
be what it will. Brother, although I had
a desire to inform thee many other circumstan-
ces which has taken place among my people; but
for want of time, I could not do it at this time
therefore let these few lines suffice thee for this time

Hendrick Aupaumut