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Beyond Penn's Treaty

Henry Simmons letterbooks, Vol. 1 1797

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we come to the Last step, our Children may be able to go
on still in the same way.

We are fully persuaded on our minds that
you are in the rite path, for which we cheerfully Mai-
ntain the Chain of friendship with you, We hope
you will always remember us. Our Brother
Enoch Walker is to carry this letter to you, who
we trust will be able to inform you what he has seen am-
ong the Indians. farewell

We subscribe our name in behalf of our Nation Hendrick Aupaumut
John Quinney
To John Parish & John Elliott
and the rest of our good Friends A Copy of a letter from an Indian Woman of
the Muheconnuh Nation To Margaret Elliott

Although we are unacquainted with each
other, yet since my Husband has told me of your good
character, my love have been drawn towards you
for I love such good People, our women as well as
Men are happy to find that your good people have