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Beyond Penn's Treaty

Henry Simmons letterbooks, Vol. 1 1797

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To the Chiefs and Warriors of the Six Nations

In all my intercourse and acquaintance
with you I have endevoured to give you proofs that I am
your Friend, of this truth I trust you are well convin
ced, if then you believe me to be your friend, you will
listen to my talk, and if you think I have understanding
to disern what is your best good, you will attend to my advice.

I have often shewn you what good things the
white People enjoy, and explained how you also might
enjoy them, you have answered, that what I told you
was very good, and that you were willing to adopt
the useful ways of the whites by Degrees, but that you
could not Lay aside your own Costoms all at once, This
was a wise answer, It will be necessary for you to con-
tinue your hunting while the game is so plentiful as
to be worth persueing, but you already know that
game is becoming scarce, and have reason to expect
that in a few years more it will be gone, what then will
you do to feed and clothe yourselves your Wives & Children