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Beyond Penn's Treaty

Henry Simmons letterbooks, Vol. 1 1797

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This is an important question, think well up-
on it, the oldest hunters may perhaps, find some game
as Long as they Live, but before the young Men grows
old, all the game will be distroy’d, the young Men
then and the Boys, should learn to get food and cloth
ing without hunting, how are they to do this 2nd by
cultivating there ground as the white People do, for
with what grows out of the ground they can purchace
all other necessaries, if you make fence to inclose many
field, you can then securely raise Corn, Wheat and hay
in abundance to feed your Families, and as many Cattle
and Hogs as you want, and the Cattle & Hogs
will give you more Meet than you could ever obtain
by Hunting, Even when game was Plentiful.

Now Brothers,
I have the great pleasure to inf-
orm you that your Good Friends the Quakers have
formed a wise plan, to show your young Men and
Boys, the most useful Practices of the white People
they will choose Some prudent good men to instruct
them, Those good Men will do this only for the Love