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Beyond Penn's Treaty

Henry Simmons letterbooks, Vol. 1 1797

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the pieces so occupy’d, shall always be Excepted, and no bar-
gain whatever made by the Nation shall convey them aw-
ay, without the express consent and signature of the res-
pective occupants, to whom or whose ancesters they have
been assigned or transfered in the manner above mentioned. IInd These pieces of Land Shall be laid out in a regular
form, and as far as the Land Chosen for the purpose is
suitable for such Cultivation, the pieces Shall Join, then
the occupants can assist one another, and the Labour of
fencing will be Lessoned. IIIrd This important agreement shall be read once eve-
ry year, in full Council of our Nation, and at all other
times when we are called upon by the white People
to Sell or lease any of our Lands, that the Solemn
Determination now made may not be forgoten, nor
the good faith of the Nation, hereby Pledged to its me
mbers, be Endangered. Done at Oneida by the unanimous
consent of the Sachems Chiefs and Warriors the Day
above Mentioned. Signed by 36 Indians
Witness? Timothy Pickering
Samuel Kirkland & James Dean