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Beyond Penn's Treaty

Henry Simmons letterbooks, Vol. 1 1797

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distress, acknowledged there obligations to these faithful
Friends, and promised to reward them, And the United
being now in a condition to fulfill the Promis
es then made, The following Articles are Stipulated
by the respective parties for that Purpose, to be in
force when ratified by the President and Senate.

Article I The United States will pay the Sum of
Five Thousand Dollars, to be distributed among indi-
viduals of the Oneida and Tuscorora Nations, as a Com-
pensation for their individual Losses and Services dur-
ing the late War, between Great Brittain and the
United States, The only Man of the Kaughnawau-
now remaining in the Oneida Country, as well
as Some few very Meritorious Persons of the Stock-
bridg Indians
, Will be considered in the Distribution. Article II For the general accommodation
of these Indian Nations residing in the Country
of the Oneidas, the United States will cause to be
Erected a complete Grist Mill and Saw Mill
in a situation to serve the present principal