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Beyond Penn's Treaty

Henry Simmons letterbooks, Vol. 1 1797

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settlements of these Nations, Or if such one convenient
Situation cannot be found, then the United States
will cause to be Erected two such grist Mill and
Saw Mill, in places where it is now known the prop-
osed accommodation may be affected of this, the
United States will Judg. Article III The United States will Provide
during three years after the Mills shall be completed, for
the Expence of imploying one or two suitable Persons
to manage the Mills, to keep them in repair, to instru
ct some young Men of the three Nations, in the arts of
the Miller & Sawyer, and to provide Teams and utensils
for carriing on the work of the Mills. Article IV The United States will pay one Tho-
usand Dollars to be applied in building a Convenient
Church at Oneida, in the place of the old one which
was burnt by the Enemy, in the Late War. Article V In consideration of the above Stipul-
ations to be performed on the part of the United
States, the Oneida Tuscorora and Stockbridg Indi-