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Beyond Penn's Treaty

Henry Simmons letterbooks, Vol. 1 1797

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was made and concluded on the Second Day of the twelfth
Month Last
by Timothy Pickering, the agent of the
United States, for that purpose appointed on one
part, and the Chiefs of those Indian Nations residing
in the Country of the Oneidas on the other part, which
Treaty is in the form and words following.

A Treaty between the United States and the
Oneida Tuscorora & Stockbridg Indians, Dwelling
in the Country of the Oneidas.
Whereas, in the late war between
Great Brittain, and the United States of Ame-
, a body of the Oneida and Tuscorora and Stock-
bridg Indians, adheared faithfully to the United
States and assisted them with their Warriors, and
in consequence of this adherence & assistance, the
Oneidas & Tuscororas, at an unfortunate Period
of the war, were driven from their Homes, and
their Houses were burnt, and there Property Dest-
roy’d, and as the United States in the time of there