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Beyond Penn's Treaty

Henry Simmons letterbooks, Vol. 1 1797

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Indian Friends residing thereon and united with them,
in the free use thereof, But it shall remain theirs until
they choose to sell the same to the People of the United
States, Who have the right to purchase.

Article 4th The United States having thus
describes and acknowledged what Lands belong to
the Oneidas Onondagas Cayugas & Senekas, and en-
gaged never to clame the same nor to disturb them
or any of the Six Nations, or their Indians friends,
residing thereon & united with them, in the free
use and Enjoyment thereof. Now the Six
Nations and each of them hereby Engage that they
will never Claime any other lands within the
Boundaries of the United States; nor ever disturb
the people of the United States in the free use & enjoy
ment thereof.
Article 5th The Seneka Nation, all others
of the Six nations Concuring, cede to the United
States, the right of making a Waggon road from
Fort Scholosser to Lake Erie, as far South as Buff
aloe Creek
, And the People of the United States Sh
all have the free undisturbed use of this Road
for the Purpose of traviling and Transportation