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Beyond Penn's Treaty

Henry Simmons letterbooks, Vol. 1 1797

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from that fork, continueing the Same straight course
to that River (This Line from the mouth of o young-
Wong yeh Creek
to the river Niagara above fort Schloss
, being the Eastern Boundary of a strip of Land, Ex
tending from the Same line to Niagara River, which
the Seneka Nation Ceded to the King of Great Brit
tain at a Treatie held about thirty years ago, with
William Jonson) Then the Line runs along the river
Niagara to Lake Erie, Then along Lake Erie, to the
north east corner of a triangular piece of Land which
the United States conveyed to the State of Pensylvania
as by the Presidents patent dated the third day of the
third month 1792
. Then due south to the northern
boundary of that State, then due east to the Southwest
corner of the Land Sold by the Seneka Nation, to Oliv
er Phelps
, and then north and Northerly along Phe
lps’ line to the place of beginning on Lake Ontario.

Now the united States acknowledg all the
Land within the fore mentioned Boundaries to be the
property of the Seneka nation, And the United States
will never Claim the Same, nor disturb the Sene
ka nation nor any of the Six nation or of their