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Beyond Penn's Treaty

Henry Simmons letterbooks, Vol. 1 1797

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Article 1st Peace and Friendship are hereby firmly
established, and Shall be Perpetual, Between the United
States and the Six Nations
Article 2d The United States acknowledge the Lands
reserved to the Oneida Onondaga & Cauga nations, in
their respective Treaties with the State of Newyork
and called their Reservations, to be their Property, and
the United States will never claim the Same, nor disturb
them, or either of the six nations, nor their Indians friends
residing thereon & united with them, in the free use and
Enjoyment thereof; But the Said reservation Shall
remain theirs until they chose to Sell the Same to the
People of the United States, Who have the right to purchase.
Article 3d The Land of the Seneka Nation is bounded as
follows. Beginning on Lake Ontario, at the North
west corner of the Land they sold to Oliver Phelps, the
line runs Westerly along the Lake as far as o-yong-
Wong-yeh Creek
, at Joseph’s Landing place, about four
miles Eastward of Niagara. Then southerly up that
creek to its main fork, then straight to the main
york of Stedmans Creek, which Empties into the
River Niagara about Fort Schlosser; and upward