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Beyond Penn's Treaty

Henry Simmons letterbooks, Vol. 1 1797

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Whereas a Treaty of Peace & Friendship between
the United States of America, and the Tribes of Indi-
ans Called the Six Nations, was made and concluded
on the Eleventh of the Eleventh month Last , by Tim
othy Pickering
, the agent of the United States, for that
Purpose appointed on the one Part. And the Chiefs &
Warriors of the Six Nations on the other part, which
Treaty is in the form and words Following.

The President ofthe United States Having Determined
to hold a conferance with the Six Nations of Indians
for the purpose of removing from their minds all caus
es of complaint, and Establishing a firm and Permanent
Friendship with them, and Timothy Pickering being
appointed Sole agent for that Purpose, and the Agent
having met and considered with the Sachems, Chiefs &
Warriors of the Six Nations in a generall council,
now in order to accomplish the good Design of this
conferance, the parties have agreed on the following
Articles, which when ratified by the advice & consent
of the Senate of the United States, shall be binding
in them to the Six Nations.