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Beyond Penn's Treaty

Henry Simmons journals, Vol. 1 1796-1797

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see the Poor Indians laying about the ground Drunk, instead
of being on your Land at work. And it is very displ-
easing to the Great Good Spirit. you should not spend
your Money for Rum, you should buy Horses Chattles &
other useful articles with it to work your Land with,
and Clotheing to keep you warm in cold weather

Now Brothers
If you do not use those Tools nor try
to be Farmers, but continue on in your Drunken Idle way
of Living, eltting your wives & women do all the work
for you. Dont you think your friends the Qua-
kers, will be discouraged from helping you anymore,
I fear they will, Therefore I want you to be enco-
raged & persuaded to work your Land, Perhaps in
a few years, through your industry and Care, you
may be good Farmers, and good Houskeepers, which
will add much more to your comfortable way of
Living, than the methods you are now in.

I am
your friend and Brother
H. S.