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Beyond Penn's Treaty

Halliday Jackson Correspondence 1799-1824

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stay longer than than that time notwithstand thee was appre-
hensive that some loss might be sustained for want of an interpreter
I hope thee will not think hard of me if thee should see me
riding up to door in about two or three months from this
time, when I shall be pleased to have two or three hours conver
sation with thee, I have not yet said any thing about Robert
arival & they had a pretty favourable journey
as far as Kings, notwithstanding a part of the road was very bad
I met them at that place where I had a raft prepared suitable
to take them & Waggen T. Hibberd took the horses by land
time will not admit of saying more at present shall
refer thee to T. Dutton for further information
the boat shakes so much that it is difficult writing
a Letter by the Committee would be very acceptable
if thou art so inclin’d.

Thine & c.Joel Swayne