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Beyond Penn's Treaty

Halliday Jackson Correspondence 1799-1824

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Allegany River 7mo 24th 1812 Esteemed Fa,

I am now within a few miles of Pittsburgh
having come to assist T. Dutton & family to that place by
water as they have now carried out their tour of duty amongst
the natives and I hope they will feel that reward arising from
a sense of duty fulfilled; as they have (in my opinion) fulfilled the
trust committed to their ease with wisdome and prudence
my best wishes attend them; We left home on a raft made of 7 or 8
pine logs & came on them to Franklin where we found a boat
nearly ready to start for Pittsburgh in which we agreed for a
passage by Thos & myself taking our turn at the oars we
put our Waggen & loading on board and are very well accomodated
and go much faster than we could do with raft as the water
is very low & difficult to follow the channel. Sarah was very poorly
the first 5 days after we left home but is now much better.
I am afraid she will have a hard time geting over the mountains
in waggin as the road is rough & the weather likely to be very warm
tho at this time it is cool enough, I was very anxious to have went
went with them but Robt Clendenon & family being all
new hands they ware very solicitous that I would stay at least
until the Committee comes in the fall, which after g d dgl of serious
consideration on the subject I felt most easy to do, at which
time I shall expect to take my departure to the land of the
East as I dont feel any thing under any kind of obligation to