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Beyond Penn's Treaty

Halliday Jackson Correspondence 1799-1824

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New Garden 2nd month 22nd 1803 Dear Parents

We have had no account from you since the
letter which J.L. Brought. And it seems necessary for
me to write a few lines by past to inform you a serious circum-
stance which I did not hear of till yesterday.

It is a circumstance which I expect will not be altogether
unexpected to you. The death of your Old Brother Benjamin.
which happened on the 10th of this Instant. and the day of his
Burial G Churchman wrote me a letter but I did not receive it
till yesterday. The Account says that toward his Close he
seem’d resign’d and enjoy’d a comfortable evidence of a peaceful
mind as tho’ he was prepar’d for the Solemn period.

I have made some enquiry about Aunt Sarrah to know
what her prospect was to do. but could hear nothing respecting
her. I expect Father will now think it necessary to give her
they earliest information what he may think proper to do
with the place or whether it is to remain under her care
as the time of year is drawing on when it is necessary to
know what is to be done with Land. I am not a going
to dictate any thing with a desire for father to alter any
thing he may have concluded in his own mind respecting
her but I recollect from some sentiments I hear’d him express
last Summer that if Uncle Benjamin should be taken off
he had some Thoughts of selling the place and accommoda-
ting the mother with aunt in some other way, which I thought
would be much better for her than to have the care of the place,
as it would not rent for much, and to have it work’d in
any other way would be likely to let the place get very
much out of order, as also be cumbersome to her. This day