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Beyond Penn's Treaty

Halliday Jackson Correspondence 1799-1824

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to undertake the School, which accordingly he did, and a number of
Children have attended who appear to improve as fast as can be
expected. Haveing got (pretty well through our Carpenter work I
have tought several little boys this some time past at this place
In short we find employment of various kinds and haveing now
wrote to the Committee for a set of Smith tools, I expect (if I remain
here much longer) to be Jack of Many Trades.

In my last letter I mentioned that I was going on a Journey
to Catarogus an Indian Village about 49 miles from us, to help a
young man along on horse back, who was disabled from walking
by an accident. To give a particular detail of that Journey
would swell this letter too much, I shall therefore only give thee
a short scetch, as I had many difficulties to encounter before my
return and although they were made more easy than I could
possibly have look’ for, or perhaps thee will believe.

As we had but one Creature fit to ride I went on foot. We
left home in the morning and went up the River about ten
miles to an Indian house, with whome I was acquainted and it
comeing on Snow we staid all night as there was no hous between
that and Catarogus. Next morning we set out and travel’d
that day through the Snow near half leg Deep, about 4 O’clock
We Concluded it was time to prepare for lodgeing as my Campa-
nion was lame it kept me pretty busy to gather wood enough to
do us the night Season, but in short about dark we had a rousing
fire, made ourselves some chocolate, Tied our horse to a sapling and fed
him with oats, and haveing prepard our bed of Hemlock Bows set
up one of my Blankets in the form of a Tent crept under, where we
rested very Comfortably the first night I ever lay out in my life:
being in a great Valley between two mountains we were shelter’d from
the wind, but the Wolves made plenty of Music though not to
prevent me from Sleeping.

Next morning we set forward early and got into another path
which was broke and much easier traveling. About dark we reach
Catarogus & haveing met with an Indian some distence from