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Beyond Penn's Treaty

Diary, Visit to Indians

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were present when the Articles were agreed on &
made no objection to them. - He says they will
agree to & abide by what the Sachems do, if they do
right. - tomorrow they may think what the Sa-
chems done was wrong, will they then abide by it
no longer than they may think it right? If this
be their meaning we may as well let things re-
main where they are. Your Cheif Warrior says
the U- States & the Sachems are now making a
firm peace, but I can not consider it so unless
the Sachems & Warriors both sign the Articles, as it
may create divisions in your Councils & dissention
among yourselves. this might be attended with
dangerous consequences.-
He speaks of the United
States deceiving the Sachems.- It is unnecessary
for me to repeat the protestations of sincerity. - As
I represent the U.- States, I have told you that I
will not deceive you.- I can not consent to close
the Business in this manner, after so much care
& pains has been taking to make every thing agree-
able & satisfactory, I wish you to consider of it
calmly & deliberately and give me an answer
tomorrow.- If the Warriors wish to live in peace
with the U.- States, if they wish to make the Chain
of friendship bright they will sign the Articles of the Treaty.


then addressed the Warriors in a