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Beyond Penn's Treaty

Diary, Visit to Indians

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short Speech desiring they would be firm &
steady in their conclusion.

Council fire 1 covered
our horses Balld very Badly made it
Dangerous however we arived abought
7 oClock at Tyoge

13 miles Struck fire
to warm our Selves Eat Brakefast on
on Beefs Tong & Bread & Chees Started
for the Block house Through the worst
Rode that Ever I Rode Being most of
the way to the horses knees in mud &
Roots & Stones 11 miles which we Rode
By one oClock when I was very much
worn Down my Companions were for
Trying to Get to the next house But
I was too Tyred to Venter the Rode
for 4 or 5 miles not much Better & it
was abought 20 m to the the Next house
So we Concluded to stay all night there
a most Dismal Plase & the weather
Cold the house if it may Be Calld
one open for yards on the Roofe & Plenty
of Cracks Between the logs no Stable
for our Tyred horses nor hay