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Beyond Penn's Treaty

Diary, Visit to Indians

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13 Left Elias Gilberts

a Bought 5 oClock in the Morning
Came To Metcalfe 13 miles Got Breakfast Set [?] &
Came to /Joseph Bivins 6 miles got there Before one oClock
Being 22 miles & 1/2 to Both & no house we agreed to Stay
all night, John Parish & my Self lodg at Rich Hookers

14 Left Bivins

Rode abought 10 miles to a Brush
Cabin in the woods Baited our Horses Eat a little
Breakfast it Began to Snow & Some allready on
the Ground we Set of for Bath Being 13 miles
Got there abought 3 oClock Continued Snowing
are Concluded to Stay all night there Capt
Kindly Invited us to Lodg
with him which we Imbraced.

15th Left Bath

Early in of Morning Rode to Corbits
6 miles, Got Brakefast Snowed all the way Being
abought 8 in Deep & the horses Balded Badly continued
Snowing Set out for the Painted Post 11 miles
Stopt there & Baited from thence we Rode to
the Mary Widow Lindleys 13 miles Lodged there left
our Horses at her Sons liveing near her house

& Brakefasted with her set our again in the Snow
Rode to Rich Daniels

5 m Bated then Rode to
Peter Roberts 5 m there to William Carters 6 miles
Lodged there the Prospect of going to the Block house


next Day was very Trying however we had a poor old
Bed Laid on a Bark flore which served 3 of us
I took a blanket Spread it a Side the Bed
Laid Down Slept untill 12 o Clock then got
up Smoaked my Pipe & lay Down a short time
slept but a little more that night Rose up
abought half past 2 set of for the Block

between 3 & 4 in the morning Cold & the
Snow abought 6 or 7 inches Deep