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Beyond Penn's Treaty

Diary, Visit to Indians

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the Treaty being finnished this Day

Complained that the united
states had Deceived the waryers & if they
should Deceive the Sachims it would
Be Bad he had Repetance to the Treaty
at forte Stanwise when they held up to
the Indians that all there Lands were
Forfited to the United states & a large [pesel?]
of there land was ceded to them which was
he said the Ocation of much Blood
Being Spilt

10 no Council to Day Sagorey

Capt Prantup
Calld on us to know then it would be likely
they should Receive any thing for there lands
at Hopewell as they thought it now appears
they were the original owners we Informed
them we would Indeavour to Do what
we Could for them in that Buiseness
they are of the Tuscorora Tribe 3 or 400 of them
the Farmers Brother & Red Jacket also calld to
See us, in of Afternoon WS & my Self went to
see Coll Pickring Several of the Sachim Drunk
very Trying indeed to be Detained here by there
Sloathfull & Slow way of Doing Buiseness But
they are not to be Hurried

11 the Council meet & agreed on the articles & they were
SInced By the Indians after which the Indians Chiefs Calld
at our lodging we had a seasonable opportunity
with them & Delivered the goods we Took for Them

12 we had an other Conferrence with the Chiefs at
there Request last night after which we got
Ready & Set of towards home Rose as fast as
Elias Gilbert

10 miles from Condarqua