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Beyond Penn's Treaty

Diary, Visit to Indians

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So the Treaty was agreed too Except Some matters
Respecting Inguries Done on Either Side which
the Com Told them might be Done Better Between
him & Some of there Chiefs at his lodging Before
they Come in open Councal & also how the money
& Goods Should Be Distributed


no Councel to Day we had Several Indians Calld
to See us Seanidore

& others in the after noon we
Rode our to Cornplants Camp where we Saw
Graney Wagus an old woman it is Said above
100 years old who live one hundred miles from
here Seanidore Daughter was here with a Child
2 years old or more which She Gives Suck to & the
old man Informed us the Indian women Some
times Suckeled them untill they were 4 years
old this man saith he is 80 years old of years very
active & hearty keeps a good Tavern in the
Onida Settlement & we were Informed by our
Landlord one may Get a Good Dish of Tea and
otherwise well Entertained there tho he can Speak
Scarce no English


the Indian & Coll

in Dispute a bought some
Little Matters Respecting which we thought
had Been Settled which makes the time Appear
longer as we hoped to Set of home tomorrow
But now we may be Detaind Several Days
the weather Being Very Good makes it Trying
to loose such faverable Day