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Beyond Penn's Treaty

Diary, Visit to Indians

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Indian Tribes

1900 the land they Posses 4000000 acers
Cayugas Posses 400 ---- 64000
Onandagas - 500 ---- 70400
Oneidas 500 Posses ---- 256000 1600 at this Treaty
Tuscaroras 300 Mixt with the Senecas hold no land
Mowhawks Removed over the Lake abought the
grand River & of Bay of Kanty abought 300
the Stockbridg Indians are the Remain of the Tribes
Formerly liveing in New England now Settled near
the Oneides abought 250 of them or 300 acers 23040
Brother Town Indians 150 Poses land 73940


Rained this morning we Staid at home untill noon
Several Intians Calld to See us Beged hard for them
Capt John

Read Jacket & 2 other Chiefs & Several Sober
Onides a Bought half Past one there Came up
a viry heavy Storme of wind & Rane after which
we went to Thomas Morrises & Dineed Before
we Sat of we Read our letters from Phila which
was Very Pleasant to here from home not have
ing heard anything Before since we left them
no Business Done to Day so many Chiefs Being
Drunk which was Trying we Being Very Desirous
of Returning homewards, But the only Remedy
was Patience of to leave the Treaty undone
which we were not free to Do


this Day had a Councel Read Jacket

Spoke to what had Been Said to them on 12th Day
letting the Com know thy were Desirous
to keep the land a long the lake from
Buffolow Crick to Johnsons landing,
which the Com agreed to with only
the use of a Rode through