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Beyond Penn's Treaty

Diary, Visit to Indians

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the Men were Mostly gone to Council and
other ways the women were Busey Some a Cooking
others Sewing & Makeing Baskets & Mogasons
& Venson Plenty abought there Cabins & Deer
Skins Stretched to Dry


no- Council Read Jacket

Clearsky obeal
and Saguersey Calld on us to Day for Some a advice
after Makeing an Apoligy for there not
Paying more Attention to us Sooned
which we took into Consideration let them
know we would Give them an Answer
they Introducd what they had to say By observeing
we were in the Presence of the Great Spirit
that they Believed we were honest men
& there Friends, if they were now Deceived
they should never More Put Confidence
in Men, they wished what they had to Say
Might be kept Privet, horatio Jones was
there interpretor

11mo 1th

Rained we Staid at home Read Jackett

Clarsky the name of one not none Senecas Chiefe and
Saguorsey or Sword Bearer Chiefs of the Tuscororeus
Calld at our house for an answer to what they
said to us yesterday which we gave them in
Substance as follows

2 mo

& 1th of the week had a Meeting in the Schoolhouse
after which was a Council with the Indians
they Informed Pickring

they Desired to have
the land from Johnsons Landing to Buffalow Crick
Being a bought 4 miles wide & 22 long of lake
the Coll Purposed to give them suprevliege to fish
& the Land for of united states
Left under the Constitution