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Beyond Penn's Treaty

Diary, Visit to Indians

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today spent in Doing no Bussness
Indian Chiefs Being too Drunk the Coll

called to see us this afternoon Drank Tea with
us had Conversation with him on the Dificulties
the Indians started yesterday & the Day before
they were not willing to Confirm all the
Sails of Agreement they heretofore made
of Lands to the westward of the Lands which
was now Ceded Back to them which we thought
they had agreed to on [4?] Day last


Rained, understand if Coll

& Indian Chiefs are in
Council Trying to Settle the Articles of the Trety & we
waiting with Anctious Desires to Set of home
the Roade Being very Bad when we Came & Expect
it to be much worse when we Return, But it appears
Best to Stay until the Business is finnished
we are informed to Day they have killed 160 Cattle
for the Indians Mostly larg oxen on an Average
700 [?] this afternoon we had a conference with
Several of the Nations Chiefs & waryers of Indians who
agreed that the Tuscororas were the original
owners of the land a bought Hopewell they are a
Trible of abought 300. Poses no land are mixed wi[th]
the Senecas


first of the week had a meeting in the Schoolhouse
with several friendly people & many Indians
to good Satisfaction in the afternoon had a Council
in order to have the Treaty finally Concluded
& the articles Signed But Cornplant

started ab[out?] ons
to the waryers signing of it