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Beyond Penn's Treaty

Diary, Visit to Indians

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of the week no meeting for worship
Done with the Treaty only Explaining a letter
which the Indians got Rote to Capt Brant

a Mohawok Chief in answer to what he had
sent them in his message & one Pickoring
had Rote him, these Indians mentioned to Brant
that they thought if man that brought it
could let him know what was said
as they thought he had his stomach full
This man brought a message from Brant to the Six nation Indian
mentioning he had been among the westren tribes
that they had of late a great Dele of Troubles
that the British stood by & would not help the[m]
I wished they had taken their advice but i[t]
was not their fault they did not, that if [the]
United States would agree to the line they [had]
made when they were to gather there woul[d be]
peace & desired there might be a Treaty next
Spring at Buffelon Crick, wish them to
as soon as they could, I expect they blamed the
British for not takeing the advice


Saguorecy or Saguorisey

an Indian Chief
of the Tuscororah Nation was to see us at our
Lodging with whome we had some conversation
he expressed as other of the Indians did that the
White people wanted to