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Beyond Penn's Treaty

Diary, Visit to Indians

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for us, he is a white man tho he saith his Mother was
Half Indian I gave him a knife which he was much pleased
with Viz the Indian Chief


had a Council in Publick the Coll.

Informed the
Indians the Condition on which the Chaine is to be
Brightened which is that the line Between the
United States & the Six nations shall Be Extended
to the Pennsylvania Line west
as there Chiefs knew that all there lands had been
sold at Different times to the United States and
the State of Pensylvania so far westward to the
satisfaction of Both sides as Muskinggam
from the upperend of Lake Erey Runing due South
to the Pennsylvania Line runing East to West
But would give Back all the land to them which Lies
Between the Line Last discribed & west line of Penn.
containing abought or near 800000 Acres & a Privelidg
to hunt on the western lands & that the Unted
States would give them yearly 45000 Dollars yearly
[?] while they were peaceable & if they agreed
to the Conditions he had Ten Thousand Dollars worth of
goods he would Give them to Cloth there wives


no business we dinned at Coll Pickerings

with a young lawyer Silas Marsh who Boarded
with us & lives on the North River near Pokipsy


no Business we went to the Indian Camp it is
admirable to see how soon those Peopel can
Build a Town so as [?] them to