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Beyond Penn's Treaty

Diary, Visit to Indians

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no Meeting for Worship nor But little Buisenys
Done as to the Treaty, only explaineing a letter the Indians got
Rote to Capt Brant

in answer to a message he had sent them
By the man who Came as an Interpreter But Said the man
Could inform Brant of what was Done as they thought he
had his stomack full
this man Brought a message from the Westeren Indians, To
the Six nations wherein they mentioned they had a Great Deal
of Trouble of Late & that the British Stoodby & Did not help them
meaning as I Suppose the battle they had with Gen Wayn and wishd
they had Taken there Advice last year But it was not ther
fault that Did not, I Suppose they Blamed the British, & that if
the United States would agree to the line made last year
when they were together there would be Peace & wished them
to Return as Soon as they Could & that they Proposed to hold a
Treaty next Spring



a Tuscarora Chief Calld to See us at our Lodgings
& in Conversation mentioned as other Indians Did that the White
People wanted to Push them Quight of the Land I Gave him
a Knife which which he appeard much pleasd Thomas Green
a white man who hath an Indian wife & lives amongst them
Interpreted for us


had a Publick Council in which the Commisinor Informed
the Indians the Conditions the Chain of Friendship is to be
Brightened. which is that the line Between the United
States & the Seneca Indians

Shall be Extended as far as
the State of Pennsylvania Westword & Southward
which we understood would Take in 800000 acres