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Beyond Penn's Treaty

Diary, Visit to Indians

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Which Were Many & Such as I Believe Both Displeased and
Frighten the Poor Fellow Some of which were that the British
had prevented there Treating with them had keep the Posts on
the Lake & Taken our Vessels Had Treated the People at Great
Sodas who were abought to settle there very Ill & had also
Behaved to the Comisone las year in like manner when they
went to treat with Them &c &c &c that if the United States
should send a Spye amongst them like this Fellow they
would Kick him out of Dores & as the Presedent had ordered
him not to Treat with them if any British agent was
there, therefore left it to them Either to open the Council fire
without him or Cover it up, then we withdrew for them
to Consult what to Do, we were in Little time Calld in
& Corn Plant

Rose up & Said he was Sorrey they had Been
Deceived that they were Told at Fort Stanwix that the
Americans & British had Kindlied a Council Fire & made
a Lasting Peace in the Presents of the Great Spirit & that
he approved of it, & that in time to Come they might all
Sett togather in Council, But he found it was a Lie, and
he Thanked the Comm for letting them know it & that it
was the White Peoples Fault that the Interpreter was there
that they had agreed to Push him a way & go on with the
Treaty & Desired they would Give the man Some Vittles to take