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Beyond Penn's Treaty

Diary, Visit to Indians

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to Repent for the White People were in the Fault for they
took away there Land by which they took them by the
Heart & squeased them together that the waryers & Chief
had told us where the Chain had gathered Rust and
they joyned with them in what they said and if the Commd

or Presedent would do what they Desired it would Releave
them, and they thought they had a Right to Speake as
they Made the Men Both Sachims & warriers.
Pickring informed them he had not asked the woman to
the Council not Did he approve of what She Said and
that She was not one of the People Calld Quakers the women
Withdrew after Takeing a Glays of Wine in a Becomeing manner
after the Long Conferrence Respecting the Boundaryes of there lands
& Telling the Indians he thought the Chain was not so
Rusty as they apprehended howevr they must Put on some
Oyl & Rub it of by goyning together 5 o Clock when the
Conferrence Ended JP & WS stayd & Dineed with the Comr JE
& my self Returned to our lodgings Being near Dark


Snowed near all Day lay 4 Inches or more Deep on the ground
Made it Look Trying to Be more than 300 miles from
Home & know not when we should Be at liberty to go
no Buiseness Done to Day 2 Oneida

Chiefs to be Buryed
we Stayed Mostly at our lodging with a good Degree of Patience
Believeing we were in the way of our Duty tho we Could
See But little fruits of our Labour


the Snow 7 or 8 inches Deep this Morning
the Commi

Informed us last Evening that an Interpreter
had Come here from the British by the Desire of the Indian
which Much Displeased him Desired we would Be with
him to Day we accordingly attended with him where
he gave the Indians his Reasons for not ac