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Beyond Penn's Treaty

Diary, Visit to Indians

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we had a visset by Jemima Wilksonson

David Wagnor
Rachel Mellon Elijah & Enoch Mellon Wm Savery adresed Jemma
By here Name which appead to strike her & her Followers with
concern however we Entered into some close conversation with
them Respecting her wild Notions & Conduct which she
indeavoured to ward of by her artful way of Evations
But we were very Plain with them all which went Down heavily
Especily with Rachel Mellon I was glad of the opportunity
to cleare my Selfe of them Letting them know I Believed they were
under Delutions &c. we parted friendly to apperence our Landlord
who was Present exprest that he was more convinced she was
Rong than Ever tho he had But a Light opinion of he Before
no Publick Meeting with the Indians to Day the Commr had a Privit
Conferrence with the Chiefs the Purport of which we have not yet


In a conferrence with Capt John

one of the Onidas he said
the white People in Buying land of them took the advantage
which maid there Mind very much Troubled & if they complaned
they the white people smoothed it over with Fair words & a present
which Did not make there minds Easey

we were at a conferrence with the Comm.d

& Indians Chiefs at
Thos Morrises House the Farmers Brother observed to & Comm.d
as he had a woman at the Council when they last met
meaning Jemima, he Requested there women might say
something Before they went upon Buisenys which was
agreed to after some time 3 women came in & Red
spoke for them to this import that as the
woman advised us to Repent we now Advise you