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Beyond Penn's Treaty

Diary, Visit to Indians

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People there & Behaved soberly & the Meeting was to good satisfaction,
we Returned to Abrm Laphams

stayed there all Night was Entertained with
Marks of Gladnys by those (P?) who are scattered here in the wildernys
we were informed there is 28 members of our society here mostly.
women & childre, the first that came was I understand 3 years since
or near it they had never But one Meeting I Believe before we
were there & that was with Hannah Barnet from Hudson on the
North River. there was a suitable Number of frds. there to hold
a Meeting there I could have But Little objection to there coming
the land Being so very Good & likely in a short time to have Many inhabitants


Returned to

Cannandouque A Lapham with us we had a Conferince
in the afternoon with the Indians the Commnd Performed the
Seremony of Burying an Indian who had Been Killed a bought
a year Since by a white man; covering the grave with leaves
so as Never to be Seen More Placeing a String of wampum
with the Ralitives in his Room.


This was a Pleasent Morning But the wind geting Northwest
grew cold & snowed fast good part of the Day there was aother
conference with the Indians they Exprest there satisfaction
with what the Commnd said to them yesterday & covered all the
Blood & opened the Road to the council fire so that we
May Do some Busenys we had our Epistle Read & Interprated
to the Indians which they appeared Pleased with after that
Jemima Wilksonson

Made a Prety long Prayer David Wagnor
Rachel Mellon & Enoch Mellon Being there all kneeled with
her the Purformance was very Disagreable to me I left
the Place but she had something to say By way of Advice
to the Indians which did not prove agreable to coll Pickrin
Nor the Indians I Believe.