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Beyond Penn's Treaty

Diary, Visit to Indians

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Josiah Fish

set out for his own home near Boston he hath Been
with us for several Days & was very friendly appears to be a man
of understanding & information is calld colonal he hath Bought land
abought 20 miles from this place, obeal & his company came in met
the comissoner with the same marks of respect firing 3 round with
there guns after which they welcomed Each other to the council Fire
which I fear will not Burn so Bright as I could wish. we rote home
by Maget Shepherd who is going to Philad. Silas Marsh a young
Lawyer from Pokipsey on the North River spent some time with us
hath thoughts of settleing her as we spent the afternoon in Rideing over
to Wm Engleses he nor his wife not being at home we spent some
time there in Eating Nuts of which there is great plenty Returnd to
our lodgings, Wm Potter & 2 of his sons came to us in the evening the
Father stayed with us all Night More Indians Came in today no
Buiseness Done yet Very Trying as its likely the Trety will not End
this several wekks & we near or Quight 320 miles from home and
a Very Bad Rode the Days growing shorter & the water likely to Rise
of which there is a great many & some wide & deep to foard


Honaiyowns or the Farmers Brother

with obeal or Corn Planter and
Several others as Red Jacket Little Beard &c. called to see us with
whome we had conversation Respecting the Hopewell Lands which business was


the Indians Meet of the Deferent Tribes & condoled Each other
agreable to there custom on account of the logs of some of there
chiefs on both sides that is the Senecas

& Onidas they liveing far from
Each other, & had Lost several of note of Both Nations


we Rode out to Abraham Laphams

5 miles we haveing appointed
a Meeting a Jonathan Smith 2 1/2 miles from Abrahams to Be that
Day which we had accordingly there was I Believe 50 or more