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Beyond Penn's Treaty

Diary, Visit to Indians

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the Comissinor calld on us to go again to the onidas

with him
when they were assembled he gave them some good advice
pointing out to them how they should conduct in the sale of there
Land &. Peter Smiths Leace was not according to the general
government law, & would have them Dissonul it after he had spoken to
them they requested we would withdraw with we did and
in a short time we were called; they haveing consulted amongst them
selves the answer to make, they mentioned several matters
of Dificulty wherein they Desired his assistance particularly in
Getting there Land again which he agreed to Do, we Returned, home
to our Lodging went to see general Chapin Drank tea with him
the Indians not yet come in only the onidas & a few scattering ones


this Morning J.P.

& J.E. set out to meet the Indians who we expectd
were near in the after noon the Farmers Brother & his company
marched in to the Town Being in all 470 men women & children
they came in great order Capt Brant Rode in to give information
& Rode Back to meet them he appeard to think him self as important
as a general at the head of a great army they Drew up at general
s Dore & soluted the Comissinors & Genal with 3 Rounds of fire,
with there guns which they were well Acquipt with
the Farmers Brother made an apology for not coming sooner, to
which the Comnd made answer he was glad to see them safe arived
I would have them make there minds Easey & when they were
Redady he should be willing to proceed to buiseness & that Every
thing Necessary should be Provided for there accomidations: obeal
not yet come in


Stayed mostly at our lodgings was visited by John Richardson

who lives abought 40 miles from here & one grant from Northumberland
who gave us an acc.t that if yallow Fever had taken of several
in Philad. & more in Charles Town & Baltimore, obeal not come