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Beyond Penn's Treaty

Diary, Visit to Indians

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I Stayed Mostly at my Lodgings my Companions Rode out
2 miles to See a Family of the Name of Whitecur who Descended
from Friends


John Parish

& James Emlen rode out to meet the Indians who are
thought to Be Near & william Savery & my self stayed at our
Lodging now near night & no Indians com nor our Companions.


Rained last night & this morning our Companions not come
nor the Indians the Thoughts of being so far from home and
the Rodes groing worse the days Shorter made it feel very
heavy & called for an inetees of Patience which I hope we
were Favoured with. we went to see Coll Pickerin

& Thos
in the afternoon & James Wagstaff, who lives in this
Town appears to be much like his father of an unsettled
disposition. Returned to our lodging no Indians nor our Friends.


The Coll

Calld on Wm Savery & my self to go with him to a
conference with the onida Indians. Respecting some
uneaseness amongst themselves & when they were
met together he Requested they would inform him
How the Dispute arose Expressing a hope he Could
Be helpfull in restoring Tranquilty amongst them.
Capt John after they had Consulted together Delivered
a very Intelagible speech after him. Peter a Waryer
spake, it appeared by them. Both they had been by
under influence prevailed upon by Peter Smith
to leece him a large percel of land for a very
Small consideration I think 4 miles one way &
24 mile an other for 200 dollars the year for 21 years
& th land very good we were informed the whole
of there land is worth 4 dollars the acer it appeared
they had deffered abought this leece some being
for & some against it which had like to
have brought them to Blose