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Beyond Penn's Treaty

Diary, Visit to Indians

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Went a Fishing in the morning caught but Few Fish
Visited General Chapin

then went to the Morris es to see
Coll Pickering drank tea with them, spent the evening there.


Snowed this morning until near noon Rubin Taft

when at home lives at Unbridg in New England 400 miles
from this place. Set of for his home with Charles Harford
Purposed to go as far as Genave 15 miles Charles is an English
man lately from Liverpool Rubin our Landladys father &
appeared very friendly invited us kindly to his house if we
should come near him Ive dined at the Morrises with Coll
Gentl Chapin & Capt Hendricks an Indian spent
the afternoon there, the 1 of the week the Grown in many places


covered with snow which made it appear Heavey to be
detained the Indians not like to be here for 5 or 6 Days
was some tryal of Patience, we had a Meeting to which
several Friends from the Country came & some people of
the the Town which was a Setisfactory Meeting.


i spent this day mostly at my lodging my companions
went to see a family who lived 2 miles from town
whose name was Whitecar

descended from Friends


set out this morning for Jemimah Wilkinson

23 miles from our Lodging. Rode to Elias Gilberts 10 miles.
Dined ther then rode to William Potters 10 miles lodged
there was very kindly entertained by him & his children


Stayed for brakefast then rode to Jeminmas

Stayed abought
2 hours, had Some conversation with her & Rachel Mellon
to But Little Satisfaction. Returned to our kind Friend
Potters got dinner then returned to our lodgings.
Potter hath Separated from Jemima thinks her Scheam was
that of Interest She appears to Loose Credit with the People.