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Beyond Penn's Treaty

Diary, Visit to Indians

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Ive spent the day with Coll Pickrin

& in conversation with
the onida Indians= that tribe haveing got there, the other tribes


not come we were informed that 2 runners we arived who Brought
word that the Other Tribese of Indians were Expected in 5 or 6
Days which looked a long time to weight, the morning being
Raney we spent the most of the day at our lodging were informed
there was abought 160 of the onida

tribe there


Being first day we had 2 Meetings with the inhabitance which
we solled the people behaved in a very becomeing Manner
& the Meetings were larger than we Expected being abought
100 People there.


we Visited the indians in there camps & spent the remainder
of the Day at our Lodgings


we went to see Abraham Laphams

& his family who lives
5 miles from Candorgue whose wife and children are Members
of Husick Monthly Meeting abought 220 miles from hence
hath 7 children. Both Abraham & his wife were sober & kind
were glad to see us we had a meeting in the evening with
the family and the neighbours being abought 20 present they were
pleased with the opportunity we were informed abraham was disowned
for removing their on which account he appeared Concerned

10 o/m 1

went to See Nathan Comstock

& wife 2 miles from Abrahams
& wife & several children are members of the same
meeting as Abrahams, is a sober & kind friend we spent some
time with them then returned to our lodging the Land we
rode over was very good but wanted streams of water


visited william Engles

& family 2 miles from Candoigue
His wife & children we understand belongs to Horsham
Mly meeting She is Evan Thomases Brothers Daughter &
we drank tea with them. Returned to Cannadoique