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Beyond Penn's Treaty

Diary, Visit to Indians

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the hearing a dog bark was the most pleasing I had ever known.
Before when we got there J. inquired of the woman of the house
what she had to eat. She informed us they had no bread nor
meat milk nor butter nor sugar but she had some meal & Elks
fat of which she made some cakes, which with some
weak coffee we maid a good supper Tyed our horses to
the trough, for there was no Stable nor Hay, Laid down on the floor.


Got up before day fed our horses with oats set off as soon as
we could see to travel through a very bad rode with mud homes
& roots for all miles arrived at Tyoage

a pretty wide stream.
Stopt & Tied our horses Eat some Breakfast then rode; 12 miles
to William Carters that being the First House since we left
the Block House. Dineed there, then to Peter Robertses's 8 miles
lodged there all night had nothing for supper but some of my Elk
cake which I got at the Block House & Milk.


we left there early
rode 14 miles to David Cook

, Nan Cook's nephew got dinner
then to the painted post 8 miles then to Bath 17 miles lodged
there at Dunn's.


Setout in the morning had 23 miles to the first
house, where we got dinner, the man's name as I remember
is Wm Beven

. From there we rode 6 miles to Matcalfs, the
head of Cannandaigue Lake Lodged there was well entertained.


Left there in the morning rose to Elias Gilberts

12 miles Dineed
there then rode to Cannandaigue 10 miles, we rode up the
town met with Genl Israel Chapins & he informed us
had provided lodgings for us which we found was
a great Servis to us the man and his wife were kind & entertained
us well for that county his name was James D Fish