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Beyond Penn's Treaty

Journal, Visit to Indians in New York State, v.3

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Mile & here there is a Ferry kept over
into Canada.
At Buffaloe

we saw a great many Indians
among which were Red Jacket & the Farmers
Brother, but all appeard to be sober.
After Dining & getting our Horses shod we
mounted them & proceeded over the White Oak
, which appear to be composd of a large
proportion of small Lime Stone & an intermix
ture of pretty good soil--there are very few
Trees, but fern & some scrubby Bushes & abun
dance of strawberry Vines. Erastus Grangers
House--a Neat Building, lay to our Left hand
& 14 Miles from Buffaloe we stopd for the
Night at Asa Harris's Tavern--my Horse
had traveld in much pain &

next morning the
3d. I with Difficulty got him to move, he
had also left his oats (for the first time since
leaving home). Our Comp'y intending Breakfast
at Vandeventers Tavern

8 Miles distant, I
got along with them, but neither myself
or Horse being in Eating Mood we passd on
over a Rough Road much of it being log causeway
18 Miles to Batavia. I had drove him before
me a Considerable part of this Distance & felt
spent & unwell on reach'g there--when my Co.
came up a pretty good Dinner & Glass of Wine