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Beyond Penn's Treaty

Journal, Visit to Indians in New York State, v.3

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a skirt of Woods on this Bank, but
when we cast our Eyes up this Lake
it looks like a mighty sea, and Vission is
too short to scan its extent. The Town
contains about 40 or 50 Houses & is in
creasing in Population & handsome Buildings
it seems to be a place of much intercourse
& is about 22 Miles from Niagara

. There are several Indian Towns
within a few miles & the Indians are too
often here to give hope, on national Ground,
of their general reformation from their
use of Spirituous Liquors, & yet we were
told that many of them have abandoned
this Destroyer & stand firm against Temp
tation. Buffaloe Creek is navigable
for shallops several miles up yet
subject to a Changeing Bar at its
mouth, in which we forded it about 2
feet Deep & 10 Yards wide.
The Lake where we first struck it is
calld 12 Miles wide--at Buffaloe 3 Miles
& 3 miles lower down, at black Rock--One