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Beyond Penn's Treaty

Journal, Visit to Indians in New York State, v.3

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innumerable springs weep from its Banks
& loose themselves in its hungry Sands
which are so calculated to absorb small
supplies that the returning Billow
is lost to the View, before the Welling is
renewed by its speedy Successor.
The Shore for the most part is coverd with a
Beautiful fine Gravel & small Shells--but in
some places Sand & others mud--in some
places it is receeding & in others forming
& we were told that when there is much
Wind the Breakers exceed their Banks &
dash over the adjacent Country, covering
many Acres like a sea.
Now Amsterdam is situate near the Mouth
of Buffaloe Creek

about a Quarter of a
Mile from the Lake and commands a
View Point Abineau, about 14 Miles
distant, and a considerable extent of the
upper Canada Shore about the Mouth
of Black Creek, where a number of Friends
are setled. Fort Erie, where there is
a British Garrison, stands opposite, yet
the View is obstructed from the Town by