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Beyond Penn's Treaty

Journal, Visit to Indians in New York State, v.3

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getting up to look after our Horses, awoke
me & several Poetical extracts presenting
as appropriate to my situation, I had some
very Instructive Reflections relative to the
protecting care & paternal Regard of an Al
mighty Father, whose Dispensations whether plea
sant or Afflictive, are all in Mercy & unerving Wisdom. I then had another
sweet sleep.

In the Morning rose
early--fed our Horses & rode about 9 Miles
along the Lake Shore to Breakfast at

--calld now Amsterdam--my
Horse very Lame, travelling consequently
painful both to him & myself yet it did
not entirely prevent me from enjoying the
Grandeiur of the Scenes presented by the
foaming Billows which lashd the shore,
expressing in Accents Rude, yet awful
& Sublime, the Omnipotence of Him who
marks their Boundaries.
The Lake appears to be supplied, not only
by the larger Waters which empty into it.
The Mouths of several of which we crossd,
viz. Smoke & Buffaloe Creeks, but