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Beyond Penn's Treaty

Journal, Visit to Indians in New York State, v.3

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Enos (a new Comer there)--have rode this af
ternoon about 21 miles--& it now being night
we with considerable Difficulty extracted the Snag
from my poor Horses Foot & without any other
application than a little Black Alder Spirit which
I had with me turnd him out with the rest in
a bare field, with a priveledge to go to a Hay
stack if they inclind, which stood a good way
off. The land lady provided us a supper of Tea
&c. as good as she was able & we were then told
that they would leave us the Two Beds & the
Room were we eat, to lodge in--being 5 in num
ber, I told my Co. that I intended to be the
one who should take the Floor against this
several of them objected, but I told them I
did not intend returning home without once
making trial of such a mode of Lodging. I
accordingly inverted a Chair--placed my
Saddle & Bags upon it for a Pillow, &
spread T Stewardson

s Blanket on the floor
for a Bed--then puting on my Great Coat
& wrapg myself in my own Blanket I
lay down, Boots & all, with my feet to the
fire & had a very comfortable Sleep & some
pleasant Dreams. Towards Day Jn. Brown