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Beyond Penn's Treaty

Journal, Visit to Indians in New York State, v.3

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were Convened a Messenger was sent to inform us that
they were ready, & we accordingly went, Erasmus

, the Agent of the United States for the Six
of Indians bearing us Company--he had
unexpectedly met us here being on a Visit to the
several settlements of Indians for the purpose of
enquiring into their Improvements & wants, so as to be
enabled to make Report of their situation to the Pre
sident of the U.S. He is a sensible, well informed
& discreet Man, his Person tall & handsome & Eye
penetrating but his Countenance wearing the marks
of Care & poor Health.

About noon the Council opend & after sitting a while
in respectful silence, a Conversation, in a low voice
took place among the Chiefs--when the Business was
introduced to the following import by of them named Thomson

Brothers We heard you were coming to see us. we are
happy you have now arrivd, and thank the Great
Spirit that He has preserved you thro' a Long Journey
Brothers--We think it is Consistent with His Will
that we should be favoured all to meet here this day
in Council. We are also pleased that Mr. Granger

the Agent of the US for the Six Nations is present
with us, and we are now ready to hear what you
have to say.

Our Addresses being being read & interpretted to them
by Henry York were well rec'd. The Indians again
sat for a few minutes entirely silent smokeing their
Pipes, which was succeeded by a Whisper among the