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Beyond Penn's Treaty

Journal, Visit to Indians in New York State, v.3

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Chiefs for some minutes when the same speaker
(sitting) addressd the Agent, inform'g that they understood
he was going to Allegany

& were desirous to know his par
ticular business. Granger informd him that he would
do it when they had answerd our Communication.
Another silence & whisper ensued. The Chief
Warrior Wyundegohta then rose & holding our
Addresses in his Hand folded as delivered to him, some
times looking on them attentively & then casting his
Eyes round over us & the Council, replied nearly as

Brothers attend. We have heard the
speech of our Friends at Phila. by which we un
derstand that you still continue to speak the
same Language to our Nation & we believe your
views towards us are the effect of Pure Friendship
& a desire for our Welfare--and altho' we have
fallen short of your former advices we are
still encouraged to follow your Council & pursue
the Path you have set before us. You remain
anxious we should improve in Habits of Industry
by which we might render our Lives more com
fortable. Brothers we hope you will continue to have
Patience towards us, as Indians cannot adopt
all those Habits at once but we are fully Con
vinced that Industry in Cultivating our Lands is
the only method by which we can receive lasting
Benefits, and we are determined to pursue it