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Beyond Penn's Treaty

Journal, Visit to Indians in New York State, v.2

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were then read & interpretted to them, & after
a little further conference among themselves

made a Reply first to us & then
an address to the Indians in a methodical &
sensible manner- when our Business was
got this base their farewell & returnd home.


26th Left the settlement of our Friends at

about 10 oClock Jacob Taylor
accompanying us- J B Moses & myself keeps
with [hemion?] the West side of the Allegany in
order to go by the Indians Saw Mill which
in about 10 miles from their Town- On our
way passd several Indian Plantations as good
we thought as any we had seen, particularly
an Indian named Kah'Shun'Lee' on the
Fiery flying Dragon- his Wife was Dressd
in a Silk Short Gown wearing a large silver
cross at her Breast- these the Indians have
got from the Roman Catholics originally
but are now worn only by way or ornament
Kah shun dee was hawlg oats of which
we saw a considerable Crop standing in the
build in a neat shock. He had a large Barn
(which Jacob told us was maid with his own
Hands). & in it is considerable quantity
of Old Corn & Grain of Different Kinds a
part of which we saw- on passing pay- he
is Industrious & Wealthy- not fond of
attending their feasts & Councils and de
clines the appointment of a Chief-
our course after leaving Peter Snyders was