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Beyond Penn's Treaty

Journal, Visit to Indians in New York State, v.2

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made a little in the manner of a Frock &
the Boson Raffled with the same. his Leg
coverings or Pantaloons were in the Indian
manner with a seam sewed out leaving a ship
of about am Inch & Quarter. this strip or Edging
on each Leg was faced with blue Silk, neatly
wrought with needlework of Blue ornamen
ted with Red twines or Curls- and edged with
Beads in the Indian Stile- Instead of a Blanket
his Outer Covering was about a yard & half of
super fine White Cloth which in Council
he threw off from his Shoulders at pleasure.
young Fatty

. another Chief was pretty Dirty - the
Hair was shorn on the sides of his Head but from
the crown down the neck was left to grow in
the antie quite long & was pleated down his
Back in a large Plait- on each side of this the
Hear was left about 4 Inches long & being soft
course & glossy resembled a ship of black
Feathers- The Council having at length taken
their seats we were introduced & seated near
the centre- The Chiefs present were Cornplan
- Tekiando (his Nephew) Johnson Silver
- John Peirce, Tusenda quit (or young
or Tockewassee (or go to War) Jacob Snow
& Old Conudin- several of them are hand
some Men- Cornplanter has an Expressive
countenance & penetrating Eyes, but owing to some
cause either habit or Injury, he keeps one of
them about half shut - after a little Time of
silvence & then a Conference between the Chiefs Conudiu
opend the Business for which we had met & that
they were now ready to hear;- Our communications