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Beyond Penn's Treaty

Journal, Visit to Indians in New York State, v.2

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that they would avail themselves of
every advantage to be derived from
our Friends living among them while
they continued here -

That they had seen the bad ef
fects of playing cards & other games
& that altho' these was an Impress
ment these was yet room for more,
& if their principal Chiefs & wise
men would discourage the Practice
we thought a we would arise to
their Young People -

That our friends had lived with
their many years in Harmony &
Friendship - if any part of our
conduct towards them had not
been quite to their wishes we
desired they would speak their
minds freely & let us know -

Dated 9 mo 25th 1809 & Signd
by A Lea, Jno Brown, T Stew & WA

After Breakfast set out to attend the Council
of Cold Spring

- I stopd in at several Houses on our
way to the Town to Shake hands with the Indians
then went to the Council House with is a Building
nearby the Centre of the Town about 40 feet in
length & 20 in breadth. having a Door at each End