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Beyond Penn's Treaty

Journal, Visit to Indians in New York State, v.2

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and two Holes in the Peak of the Roof to admit the
ascending of the Smoke from Council Fires - which
are built on the Ground about 12 feet from
each Door.- These fires are daily used by the In
habitants for cooking on other purposes, being
a kind of public Priveledge the Open Doors
admitting ready Impress & Egress to them at plea
sure- the floor is laid by nature and on each
side from one End to the other is a platform laid co
verd with Board, Skins &c. about 6 feet in width
& 10 Inches in heighth- over these all the
heighth of 5 feet under other Platforms which
serve to throw up skins Corn or any Lumbering
articles & to the Rafters was suspended a quantity
of old Corn some of it near the Openings in the
Roof being as black as smoke Could make
it - this they dont mind but use it for making
Bread & other purposes perhaps preferring it
as I observed in their Houses generally the Corn
was stored by suspending it with the Husk
this way - as The Indians were not generally
collected it afforded opportunity to make some
observations. Conudius

House stand the nearest
to the Council House & within a few Yards- Our at
tention was here averted by the sound of mu
sic & Dancing & feeling some inclination to be
witnesses we were informed that it would give
no offence & so went inside of the Door - In the
Middle of the Room lay the Hommany Block
& an Old Bench apparently designd to prevent an
encroachment on that part of the floor & to
preserve regularity of Circuit sound them
those rude Regulators were encompassd by
& 20 Females (occasionally more) some Elder